🔰Ansible playbook that will retrieve new Container IP and dynamically update the inventory and Configure web-server inside that Docker Container🔰

ARTH — Task 14 👨🏻‍💻

Task Description📄

🔰 14.2 Further in ARTH — Task 10 have to create an Ansible playbook that will retrieve new Container IP and update the inventory. So that further Configuration of Webserver could be done inside that Container.

👉🏻Lets get started…😃

In this task I have used my own pre-created docker image which is enabled with ssh. So that Ansible can use ssh protocol to login to new docker container and configure webserver inside it.

In my case I am having Controller Node having IP on which the ansible is installed

✔️Lets check the ansible version installed on my controller node :

✔️ Initially inventory file is empty

✔️ Configuration file of ansible :

🔶 Ansible Playbook :

✔️dockerip.txt file

✔️ task14_2.html file

✔️ Now let’s run the main Playbook:

✔️ Inventory file dynamically updated

✔️ Check Docker Service started and enabled:

✔️ Successfully Launched docker container with name myweb:

🔶 Now we can run our docker-web.yml playbook to configure webserver inside container:

Done! Now checking by Attaching to myweb container:

Now the webserver has been deployed on the docker container with the help of the Ansible Automation tool. So Let’s check our webpage from the browser :

TASK COMPLETED Successfully✌🏻👨🏻‍💻

Thanks for reading !!!😊✨

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