K-means clustering is one of the simplest and popular unsupervised machine learning algorithms.

“The objective of K-means is simple: group similar data points together and discover underlying patterns. To achieve this objective, K-means looks for a fixed number (k) of clusters in a dataset.”

A cluster refers to a collection of data points aggregated together because of certain similarities”.

K-means Algorithm

K-means algorithm is an iterative algorithm that tries to partition the dataset into K pre-defined distinct non-overlapping subgroups (clusters) where each data point belongs to only one group. It tries to make the intra-cluster data points as similar as possible while…

JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language.

It is a light-weight object-oriented programming language which is used by several websites for scripting the webpages. It is an interpreted, full-fledged programming language that enables dynamic interactivity on websites when applied to an HTML document.

Major Companies Are Using JavaScript

There’s no denying that JavaScript is everywhere, but just how are some of the world’s largest tech companies using JavaScript? For these companies, JavaScript is immensely important, and that doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.


Particularly in the last decade, Internet usage has been growing rapidly. However, as the Internet becomes a part of the day to day activities, cybercrime is also on the rise. Cybercrime will cost nearly $6 trillion per annum by 2021 as per the cybersecurity ventures report in 2020. For illegal activities, cybercriminals utilize any network computing devices as a primary means of communication with a victims’ devices, so attackers get profit in terms of finance, publicity and others by exploiting the vulnerabilities over the system. Cybercrimes are steadily increasing daily. …

In this article we will be looking how we can deploy and run Machine Learning models inside docker containers.

Here I am working with RHEL-8 and I already have docker inside my RHEL-8.

To know more how we can install and configure docker inside RHEL-8. Refer to https://hrishabhsharma183.medium.com/configuring-httpd-webserver-setting-up-python-interpreter-and-running-python-code-on-docker-4d01dd501b4

First we have to start the docker service

# systemctl start docker
# systemctl enable docker
# systemctl status docker

MongoDB : The database for modern applications

MongoDB is a general purpose, document-based, distributed database built for modern application developers and for the cloud era.

It provides support for all the popular languages like C, C++, C#, .Net, Go, Java, Node.js, Perl, PHP, Python, and many more.

Used by millions of developers to power the world’s most innovative products and services.

While the IT world is embracing Containers Technology primarily for Enterprise Server Applications, there is also a huge scope of Docker Containers impacting the Desktop and Development Environment.

AWS offers the broadest and deepest set of tools to create impactful AI solutions faster.

I had an amazing and very much informative workshop. One of the best workshop to be a part of. In just two days I had explored so many AI/ML services offered by AWS Cloud and learnt to implement them with so much powerful practical demos.

I would like to thank Mr. Vimal Daga Sir for sharing the valuable knowledge.


It was started from very basics about AI/ML, need for Cloud Computing.

AWS AI Services Explored

Amazon Rekognition

Deep learning-based image and video analysis.

Hello everyone👋🏻, another very much interesting and important use case based automation article. In this article we will be Launching a WordPress Application with MYSQL Database on K8S Cluster over AWS☁️ using Ansible.

I have already configured k8s multi node cluster over AWS using Ansible. In this article we will setup WordPress Application on our K8S Cluster using Ansible.

To know how to configure k8s multi node cluster over AWS using ansible you refer to my article


We will configure everything using Ansible Roles.

Ansible Role

ansible-galaxy init wordpress-mysql

After creating ansible roles we need to write the yaml…

Hello everyone👋🏻, Back with another very much interesting and important use case based automation article. In this article we will be Configuring K8S Multi-Node Cluster over AWS ☁️.

We will configure everything using Ansible Roles.

We need to follow step by step procedure to achieve this:

  1. We will launch three ec2-instances over AWS cloud one as Master Node and two are Slave/Worker Nodes.

2. Configuring K8S Master

3. Configuring K8S Slaves

👨🏻‍💻 Ansible Configuration file “/etc/ansible/ansible.cfg”

In this article we will see how to configure AWS VPC and launch ec2 instance in one of the subnet inside that VPC using Ansible.

We will configure everything using Ansible Roles.

We need to follow step by step procedure to achieve this:

  1. Create a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).
  2. Create an internet gateway and attach it to VPC.
  3. Create subnets in that VPC.
  4. Create Routing table and Routes.
  5. Create Security group.
  6. Launch ec2-instances in that subnet of respective VPC.

Create a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud):

To create VPC we need to use ec2_vpc_net module of ansible. We need to provide name of our VPC, cidr_block, region…


Miles to go…

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